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1 decade ago by paulh


If i have two functions in main init:


How do i prevent get_stuff from being called until player_things has finished .. im guessing this is the elusive CALLBACk thing i've been trying to work out?

1 decade ago by jswart

To do as callback i'm pretty sure:

function player_things(callback) {
    // player_things here

    callback(options, needed_for, callback);

function get_stuff(options, needed_for, callback) {
    // do get_stuff things here

It seems like in your case, you could just call get_stuff() at the end of player_things. Not the most functional answer though. Depends on if you use get_stuff() in any other context.

function player_things() {

    // player_things code

    function() {
      // get_stuff code here


With regard to original post: Unless I'm mistaken though I'm pretty sure get_stuff will not be called until after player_things finishes execution? Or is that incorrect, still new to JavaScript?

1 decade ago by paulh

Yea i didnt think get_stuff would be called till after player_things but it definitely is in this instance ....

I do call get_stuff at other times, and was hoping to get away form my "chaining spaghetti code", hence my re-write ... i dont need to pass variables back into get_Stuff though .. so maybe callback isnt the right idea after all?


1 decade ago by Robodude

Hmm... that's kind of weird, paulh. I wouldn't expect it to run without finishing player_things()

Unless theres some kind of threading or async type stuff going on the code runs top down.

1 decade ago by paulh

Yea thats what i thought too .. but player_things is A BIG FILE and somehow get_stuff (which is very small) is done before it (unless its the developer console being behind?)

1 decade ago by Robodude

Ah! Now that you mention the dev console this sounds familiar.

Check this example out in different browsers:

In chrome, the dev console shows that both objects contain the key = B
In firefox, firebug shows both A and B.

I'm not certain if this is the problem you're experiencing, but it's worth a shot.

1 decade ago by paulh


Yes , bye bye chrome and hello firefox!

two days down the pan rewriting shit, lol.
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