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1 decade ago by mimik

I'm having trouble with the bakethingy.
And i wonder if I just can't take impact.js and game.js and put them together in one file?
Then use something like YUI Compressor,
I tried it out and it works fine.

Or am I missing something?

1 decade ago by alexandre

What trouble are you having with bake?

1 decade ago by mimik

found it easier to just compress it myself, tried doing the bake command on mac and struggled, same on pc.

The bake rebuild it more ?

1 decade ago by gxxaxx

In my windows installation I had to edit the bake.bat file.

I had to comment out
:: cd ../
:: php tools/bake.php %IMPACT_LIBRARY% %GAME% %OUTPUT_FILE%

and then uncomment
C:/xampp/php/php.exe bake.php %IMPACT_LIBRARY% %GAME% %OUTPUT_FILE%

I'm using the xampp install as you can see.

You might be having similar (but different) issues.

1 decade ago by mimik

cool will check that out gxxaxx :-)
i have my stuff on a linux server.

So i ask one more time hopping for a respons.
Does the bake script compress anything else then impact.js and game.js?

1 decade ago by paulh

you might want to try the private forum for baking questions ..... although if i could help i would!

1 decade ago by MicahF

Here a modified bake.bat file I use on Window 7 machine running wamp testing bake on pong demo.
Note full path and file name specified as well as relative path for bake.php

Not used PATH environment variable.

Happy baking!

@echo off

:: Path to impact.js and your game's main .js
SET IMPACT_LIBRARY=C:/wamp/www/pong/lib/impact/impact.js
SET GAME=C:/wamp/www/pong/lib/game/main.js

:: Output file
SET OUTPUT_FILE=C:/wamp/www/pong/lib/game.min.js

:: Change CWD to Impact's base dir and bake!
cd C:/wamp/www/pong/

:: php.exe not set in PATH
:: set to php.exe and path/file to bake relative to current directory set above
c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.10/php.exe tools/bake.php %IMPACT_LIBRARY% %GAME% %OUTPUT_FILE%


1 decade ago by jswart

What is your issue on OSX?

Go to tools folder in your games tools directory


if it gives you error:
permission denied

chmod +x

if that errors you make need to run as super user
so type
sudo chmod +x

then enter your root password at prompt

run bake script again

You should then see it build for you.

1 decade ago by jswart

If you are trying to compile with PHP there is a slight error

Go to tools directory

php bake.php

It will out put:
Usage: bake.php <in...> <out>
e.g. bake.php lib/impact/impact.js lib/game/game.js mygame-baked.js

There is an issue there with directory paths you actually need to type:

bake.php ../<in...> ../<out>
e.g. bake.php ../lib/impact/impact.js ../lib/game/game.js mygame-baked.js
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