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1 decade ago by Ken

I recently purchased Impact and am walking through the examples to get familiar with it. Using the Pong example, I tried to speed up the puck by adjusting the velocity from what Dominic has in the example of this.vel.x = -200; and this.vel.y = 100; to double and triple the values and the puck always moves at the same speed.

What am I missing. Shouldn't setting the initial velocity higher speed up the pucks movement?

Thanks for any assistance.

1 decade ago by MikeL

Ken, you need to set the maximum velocity in the init portion of your puck entity. Something like this:

this.maxVel.x = 400;
this.maxVel.y = 400;

By default the maximum velocity for both x and y are set at 100.

1 decade ago by Ken

Ah! Thank you!
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