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1 decade ago by kuoenxi

Does anyone know how to deploy their ImpactJS game (already baked) into a Wordpress site? I can't find any help on this anywhere! It's driving me crazy.

1 decade ago by mLautz

I think you can achieve this by adding a custom template for each game (meh, builds clutter). For my website, I currently maintain pages separate from my WP portion of the site and simply redirect to them from WP pages via a plugin.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Maybe this can help?

1 decade ago by kuoenxi

The person's blog is down, so I can't get to his plugin for embedding Impactjs in wordpress.

I will try uploading the game on some other website, I guess. Then I'll use a plugin to link it into my site like mLautz suggested.
Anyone know where I could do that?

1 decade ago by matthewjames

It should be easy to do. Just create a plugin for the game and assign it a embeddable shortcode. Do all of the styling in the plugin then just create a new page and use your shortcode to embed it.

Let me know how it works!

1 decade ago by onion

Does your game have a login? I'm interested in if you can login using wordpress' authentication, and allowing users to save their progress in an impact game. Is this possible?

1 decade ago by matthewjames

Onion, this is late but yes it is possible. You can pull the user account information from the login cookies created by wordpress.
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