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1 decade ago by Joncom

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I'm using the following draw function in one of my entities and the font and images scale just fine, but the rectangle stays at it's 1x scale no matter what.<br />
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It looks <em>perfect</em> in weltmeister (because scale is set to 1x there), but not in-game. What gives?<br />
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<pre class= draw: function() { var context = ig.system.context; var x = this.pos.x - + this.size.x/2; var y = this.pos.y - - this.size.y; context.fillStyle = '#FFF'; // white context.fillRect ( x - this.longestLine/2, y, this.longestLine, this.heightOfMessage ); context.fillRect ( x - this.longestLine/2 + 3, y - 3, this.longestLine - 6, 3 ); context.fillRect ( x - this.longestLine/2 + 3, y + this.heightOfMessage, this.longestLine - 6, 3 ); this.topLeft.draw( x - this.longestLine/2, y - this.topLeft.height ); this.topRight.draw( x + this.longestLine/2 - this.topRight.width, y - this.topRight.height ); this.bottomLeft.draw( x - this.longestLine/2, y + this.heightOfMessage ); this.bottomRight.draw( x + this.longestLine/2 - this.bottomRight.width, y + this.heightOfMessage ); this.font.draw( this.toPrint, x, y, ig.Font.ALIGN.CENTER ); },

1 decade ago by snooze

the scale factor is in saved. ig.system.scale.

so, you'd either scale your rect, or draw to a separate (offscreen) canvas (with scale 1) and then draw this resulting image resized on to the main canvas.

you could also use the nearest-neighbor resize method of ig.Image

1 decade ago by Joncom

Thx for your response snooze.

Would you mind please elaborating on what you mean by nearest-neighbor resize method?

The ig.Image doc had this to say...
After loading an image, it is automatically scaled (nearest neighbor) according to ig.system.scale if necessary.

But I still don't feel I understand how I could use this to fix my problem.

1 decade ago by snooze

if you want blocky/ retro scaling, nearest neighbor scaling is your friend :)

so, basically you could draw the rect on to a new offscreen canvas

myCanvas = ig.$new('canvas');
myCanvas.width = 50;
myCancas.height = 50;
myContext = myCanvas.getContext('2d');

save the image to a dataurl:

var dataurl = myCanvas.toDataURL('image/png');

and then a

var myimg = new ig.Image(dataurl); 

should give you a nearest neighbor resized image.

1 decade ago by dominic

Also have a look at the getDrawPos() method.

1 decade ago by Joncom

Quote from snooze
should give you a nearest neighbor resized image.

Wow that's absolutely awesome snooze. Thank you!

Dominic, I can see that being useful in some cases, but I'm not sure if it would be completely helpful in my case, since as you can see the rectangle is unscaled as well as mispositioned. But thank you for pointing that out anyway.

1 decade ago by paulh

Take a look at daniels plugin for the animated loading screen, he scales up vectors nicely in it!
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