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6 years ago by wands

But has anyone ever experience this on Chrome?

If you load your game locally, no sound problems at all.

but if you load your game from a web server, the first time it loads up in Chrome, music can be heard sound fx can also be heard, but after just 3-4 seconds later, the sound FX can't be heard. You'll have to refresh the page and the sound all works fine.

But for IE, the sound works fine even on first time loading. Any idea what could be the problem on Chrome?

6 years ago by Joncom

How about Firefox?

6 years ago by wands

For firefox, the sound can be heard on first load and then it gets soften and then dissappears. If I refresh it, same problem happens.

I tested it on Opera, exact same problem as Chrome.

6 years ago by Joncom

Do you play with volume anywhere in your code?
Is it possible the volume is being turned off?

6 years ago by wands

Yeah I do use the volume control. That might have something to do with it. Let me check and let you know. Thanks for pointing that out

6 years ago by wands

i've tried to play around with the volume, no change. Same issue with Chrome and Opera.

But IE works perfectly on first load up. Any other ideas?

Is this probably a sound bug with Chrome or something? Why does only IE works?

6 years ago by Joncom

Create new project for the sole purpose of testing audio.
Use one of the audio files that currently fails.
All the game should do is play the audio.
See if this problem persists for this new, simpler test case.

6 years ago by wands

Thanks Joncom, you're always the most helpful around the forum. I'll test this out with your advice.

6 years ago by wands

Hi Joncom,

I've quickly tested it. Same issue. A brand new impact work loaded up.

So I use the sound fx from my previous work and again on first load the sounds were heard, but after 3 seconds, the sound disappears.

Only if I reload my page, the sound can be heard perfectly all day. Man...have you run into such problems? My sound files are in mp3 format and ogg format. I loaded the sound using wildcard so the code is looks like this

mySound: new Sound('media/soundFX.*');

Even if I just end the format with .mp3 instead. Still same issue. IE and Safari both works perfectly on first time load up.

6 years ago by wands

Dominic, are you there reading this? Any ideas? Hope you could advise. :)

6 years ago by wands

Another update.

Even the JumpNRun demo giving the same problem.

Can someone test this? I've uploaded it to Google drive. Do open the link below in incognito if you're using Chrome.

6 years ago by wands

Ok, I found out what is the problem now. MY goodness!!!

If you host your html5 games on google drive, you will hit this problem like me. I've been hosting my games on Google Drive. So..other people are guess you don't have that problem

Bottom line: If you host your games on your own server or other web hosting solutions. You won't have this problem.

So I'm gonna complaint to Google Drive.

Take note everyone, if you host on Google drive, you will need to tell your players to reload the page in order for the sound to work.

I actually finally gotten myself a hosting provider to upload to my own domain.

Case closed. I hope this thread will be a saver for others in the future.

6 years ago by Joncom

Very interesting find. And confusing.

Obviously the audio files are accessible enough to be downloaded and played, but then they stop. So did the file transfers not complete fully?

I would imagine if not, that there would be an error message or something.

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