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1 decade ago by Patrick

I have this statement:

this.fontsmall = new ig.Font( 'media/copper-plate-32.font.png' );

in my codes. It runs perfectly on my iPad simulator with iOS 5.1. However, when I run it on a real iPad with iOS 5.1, it shows

" larger than MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE (2048)"

I tried to replaced this statement with

this.fontsmall = new ig.Font( 'media/arial-32.font.png' );

and it runs without problem on real iPad.

Both fonts are bitmaps created by the Font Tool, nothing new. arial-32.font.png is 28KB large. copper-plate-32.font.png is 29KB large.

Any hint?

1 decade ago by Joncom

Would you mind uploading the problem font somewhere so we can see and perhaps test it?
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