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1 decade ago by Nico

Hey guys so I'm using the health bar entity snippet from pointofimpact.

It works fine for my player entity but I can't seem to make it work for any of the enemy entities.

Shouldn't it just work if I have health and MaxHealth set and this snippet in the init code?

        if( ! ) {
  , this.pos.x, this.pos.y,{ Unit: this });

It might help me if I knew what ! actually does :/

EDIT: Got it. I had changed something in the original health bar code to hard code the position to my players gui :P

1 decade ago by jswart is the namespace that WeltMeister uses.

I think that line of code is saying:

if ( ! ) === 'if this entity was not spawned in weltmeister' then spawn the entity with the settings provided.

I haven't used that code before though. Are your loading your enemy entities by hand in the level editor? If so then that code isn't running.

EDIT: You would want that snippet in the init code of the EnemyEntity, not just the PlayerEntity.
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