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7 years ago by MikuMatt

Hi there,

I am going to purchase Impact JS in a few weeks time but before I do I want to get my base sprites done. I have chosen a size of 96 x 96 for my hero sprite and a resolution of 960 x 640 - can anyone forsee any problems with my chosen dimensions?

I want my game to run in the web browers, possibly on Facebook and definatly on mobile devices.

Any input very much appreciated as I plan to start Spriting tommorow!


7 years ago by lTyl

I recommend you do 480x270. With that resolution, you have smooth scaling to 1920x1080 without stretching.

7 years ago by Joncom

Unless he prefers not to scale (ie. use a scale of 1)... Then he needs to get it right from the start.

7 years ago by MikuMatt

hey guys, thanks for the reply - I think I would prefer not to scale, so is my chosen resolution 'OK'? many thanks!

7 years ago by Joncom

Your resolution seems fine for a browser Facebook game. Most devices should be able to view the entire game OK.

7 years ago by Donzo

If you do your canvas much larger than an iphone screen,
you may have problems getting it to work on an iphone.

It's better to start small and scale up.
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