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1 decade ago by deadpixel

Hi, i'm kinda new in the impact engine (i know the basic for making a simple game and that it). I just updated impact to version 1.19 but i dont understand how to implement slopes tile in weltmeister. How can i tell impact that some tile is slope and some other is not. Do i need a tile set of collision with some triangle in it ? I'm lost

A little help should be apprecied

Sorry for my english isn't my first language

Thanks all

1 decade ago by Arantor

When you work with Impact's level editor, you'll need to create a layer called collision. There is a collision-tiles image which contains the slope images for collision purposes.

It would be worth watching the video about the level editor to understand a lot more about how it uses layers.

1 decade ago by deadpixel

Yeah i've watched it, but the problem is that i haven't the collision-tiles image wich contains the slope images. Where did i find it?

Thanks for answered so fast ^^

1 decade ago by deadpixel

Ohhh np, i've found it ^^

1 decade ago by dominic

The video is a bit outdated, sorry.

In the current Impact version, you just have to tick the Is Collision Layer checkbox in Weltmeister and click Apply. Weltmeister will automatically load the collision tiles for you.

1 decade ago by stephen7

Does anyone know how to create custom slope tiles in addition to the default slope tiles that come with impactjs? I would like to create some gently sloping tiles.

I did find that I could create a new sloped tile by editing the file collision-map.js:

ig.CollisionMap.defaultTileDef = {
/* 15 NE */ 5: [0,1, 1,M, SOLID], 6: [0,M, 1,N, SOLID], 7: [0,N, 1,0, SOLID],
/* 22 NE */ 3: [0,1, 1,H, SOLID], 4: [0,H, 1,0, SOLID],

/* ... */

/* my custom slopes */
/* 45 NE */ 46: [0,1, 1,0, SOLID]

// Now that was fun!

The new sloped tile I created worked; however, there was no visual image for the new tile in the weltmeister level editor. Does anyone know how to edit the default slope image for the tiles?

I would also like to know how to create a new line in the matrix of sloped tiles; for example, when I tried to create a tile like this, which should be on a new line:

56: [0,1, 1,0, SOLID]

it did not appear to work.


1 decade ago by StuartTresadern

Edit the collisiontiles-64.png file in the weltmeister Folder to Change the slope Images.
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