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7 years ago by dungeonmaster

I made an in-game level editor, think of it as a paint program.

Basically I have a 2D array where I fill in with different values.

How can I save this to a place in my hdd as a JSON ? I can ofcourse save and load it using localStorage but I couldn't find where this localstorage of the browser is. Also I want to use it as a further game mechanic, so it should be fairly easy.

Any ideas?

7 years ago by Joncom

Technically you should be able to make calls to the Weltmeister API. Maybe take a look at how Weltmeister makes calls to its API to save the level, and then do it yourself from outside Weltmeister.

Edit: Hint - If you're using Chrome, you can open Developer Tools and watch the "Network" tab as you perform actions, and you should be able to see the requests being sent/received. From that you should be able to determine what AJAX calls you will need to make.

7 years ago by drhayes

You'll need to write a server that you can make calls to from the game to save the level. It entirely depends on what kind of server you're running.

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