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1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

I loaded my game on Kongregate with iframe option. However, the game uses both keyboard and right-click.

It seems the keystrokes aren't registered in the iframe. You have to first right-click, then left-clik then it starts working.

Any solutions?

1 decade ago by Joncom

I had a similar issue before.

A game I was working on had an HTML text input that appeared so that the user could type some text. After they typed some text and hit enter, the input would disappear but my game would no longer register any key presses.

This happened because the wrong element (the text input) had "focus". If you don't mind using jQuery, this might fix your problem. Run this within

$('#canvas').attr("tabindex", "0"); // Fix for Chrome which enables focusing for canvas.
$('#canvas').focus(); // Lets canvas register keys.

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Well this solved the problem for Chrome.
In IE, it's kinda OK. Just that I see two mouse pointers. First is the windows, the other is my in-game cursor.
Firefox just doesn't listen.

Anyway, thanks :)

1 decade ago by Cavalier

Nice game dungeonmaster. I'm trying to create a RTS and i'm getting my ass handed trying to create a fog of war and minimap just like yours. Can you give me some tips on how to make those?
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