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1 decade ago by dmen

Can someone explain why ig.log would not work sometimes? In a game class I have, where everything else is working fine, ig.log refuses to do anything in update, draw, etc. If i use alert I see that, but nothing with log. Bit frustrating...

1 decade ago by jerev

ig.log is initiated with the debugger, if you don't require the debugger, it'll do nothing.
It&039;s basicly just a bind to #console.log, but this way you only need to remove the debug requirement, and not all your ig.log statements.



 ig.log(...); //works

 //Without debug, ig.log() does nothing
 console.log(..); //always works

1 decade ago by dmen

Ah thanks! Be good if this was anywhere in the docs... in fact I can't see ig.log in the docs at all... I really like Impact but the docs are pretty poor actually.

1 decade ago by jerev

The docs are yet a lot better than other similar libraries out there.

Good docs are hard to find, and hey, thats what we have forums for I suppose :P

1 decade ago by dmen

I agree, somewhat. The forums are great, but I've had to rely on them more than I should - and sometimes it take longer than I'd like to get an answer. I know docs are hard to produce - just hoping they continue to improve.

1 decade ago by dominic

It's in the Debug article and linked from ig Core.

I really tried hard to cover everything in the documentation and give sensible examples where possible. Is there any specific topic you're missing?

1 decade ago by dmen

Hi Dominic, I don't know that there's anything specific I can think of at the moment. But maybe I will keep a list... there's just little things - such as if you look at the System class, there's a width property listed, but no height - I have to click width to see that there is a height property.
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