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1 decade ago by OMATASE

I'm looking into frameworks for web-based games. I'm trying to avoid flash so that it will play on iOS so impact might do the trick. I'd really rather have a framework I can spend a few weeks doing a proof of concept in first (before I commit) but apparently since there is no trial version that isn't possible with Impact.

Anywho, I need to know if Impact has good support for full-screen (or filling the entire browser window space) with the ability to easily scale UI elements when the browser window changes like this game does:

Thanks for the input

1 decade ago by dominic

Not really. Impact was built to be good at "pixel perfect" games. Games where one pixel of your artwork will be displayed with one pixel on the screen - i.e. unscaled (or scaled up nearest neighbor for retro games).

You can easily fill the entire screen by resizing your "viewport", so that you see more of the game world, but still have all the graphics unscaled. Weltmeister, the level editor, does this.

Zooming or scaling elements however is quite hard to do currently. I wrote a bit more about this issue here.

Regarding a trial version: if you buy a license and you're not happy with the engine for whatever reason, I can always give you a refund.
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