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1 decade ago by nmurphy24

Impactjs is the highest level engine I can find to show off the power of Html5 CSS3, and Java... I consult for a large telecommunications company, and one of their top 10 interests is in these 3, together with "digital media". Now I know impactjs is for games, but it also the best example I can find of successfully using future technologies. My question is can you think of a way impactjs could be used in a business settiing? I'd certainly be willing to pay for the development of this.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Personally I can't think of a business setting for Impact - Try paper.js - very flexible library for canvas manipulation. Great for your pie charts and bar graphs and a bit of animation.

Impact js is more oriented at game development, collision detection, sound and animation

1 decade ago by dominic

Impact is game engine and it will probably stay that way.

If I were to develop it into something more general, it will complicate its use. I.e. part of what makes Impact good, is that it only does 2D games - nothing more, but also nothing less.

1 decade ago by nmurphy24

Two thoughts. 1) In the education marketplace, this could be used to teach good behavior in order to win. Ex you must be on time, find your crayons, avoid talking with others, etc. to win. in order to reach the goal. Would need an easy interface where teachers could change name of goal, etc. Lots of $$ there if you create a good game to help teachers.

In business, we have milestones we must meet, problems to avoid, talent to find, etc. It could even teach the value of reaching Nash equilibrium in order to maximize your point score.

Both of these two have analogies to your game in choosing the right path, finding hidden object, avoiding excess gravity (wasting time), velocity, etc.

Just wanted to throw out two more reasons to buy your software, and two more marketplaces in which to make money.

A game is what children will play, and what adults must play.

Neil Murphy

1 decade ago by jazzpill


1 decade ago by sleenee

I think nmurphy is right, i myself developed a small example for the retail company i work for to show how they could use gamifacation to their advantage as a marketing and even point of sales. There is certainly some opportuny out there for companies

1 decade ago by fugufish

i'm even thinking of interactive ads on mobile devices. since flash ads don't work on iOS, we could make small banners that are actually HTML5 mini games to showcase whatever the marketers are selling.

1 decade ago by jizaymes

A business use that I will explore in the future is to make a visualization of data centers that my company owns. The goal is to show utilization of server racks and cabinets as well as represent hot/cold zones and things. My first intent is games but I do see some business value that impact could be used for to create things like this...more or less an easy system to take backend data, spawn dynamic entities and then somehow get business intelligence out of it. This will lean heavily on node.js and mysql and other existing inventory APIs and such but I do think that Impact could be a good tool for that.
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