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9 years ago by Montana


If im building a game with an eye to bringing it to IOS & android will impactios handle cs3 and html5 functionality, so i can overly divs, use mouseclik , styls semi-transparent curved corners and use jquery?


9 years ago by fugufish

@Montana - no android port yet, but the iOS one works great. Yeah you can use jquery ( it's like a web browser packaged into an app form, so many things will work the same ). Keep it mind to test a lot, because directly translating a web game to mobile without the correct gameplay feel will probably end up being a disaster

9 years ago by Montana

Many thanks for the reply :-) Im writing form scratch just wanted to check before i started a div based menu into the game structure.

9 years ago by dominic

Woah, I think there is a misunderstanding here: if you use iOSImpact, you can't use HTML/CSS. iOSImpact just implements the Canvas API to draw stuff. There's no browser running - so no DOM.

If you run your game in Mobile Safari or through PhoneGap, you can use HTML/CSS.

9 years ago by TylerAppmobi

@Montana You could also use appMobi :D

You'd be able to style with HTML/CSS and would have access to Direct Canvas which accelerates performance. You can read more about Direct Canvas here:

9 years ago by fugufish

sorry for the mix-up, all DOM related stuff can work when you have a webview container, so appMobi is a good choice.

If you want to go the iOSImpact route, then make in-game menu buttons, as shown this link
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