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1 decade ago by Xenosuki

I'm thinking to get impact, but I'm going to make a 2d game that looks like this:

I saw at several places that impact is best for platformers and not good enogh for other types of games. Here's a quote: "But if you aren’t making a platformer, overhead game or other action type game, you might find much of what Impact offers you isn’t very relevant."

1 decade ago by Graphikos

That's a silly thing to say. Impact should be good for practically every 2D game and then some. People just need to think outside the box. However, that quote says Impact is good for an overhead game, isn't that what you are looking for?

1 decade ago by Xenosuki

Yeah, totally misunderstood that quote haha.

1 decade ago by mimik

It can do every kind of 2d game.
There is no real support for isometric 2.5 thought.

1 decade ago by philwinkel

Impact comes with some built-in stuff that is kind of platformerish, but it can be used for anything 2D. The BackgroundMap and CollisionMap are perfect for 2d tiled games.

btw, "overhead" game == final fantasy II. that's considered an overhead style.

For an rpg you will definitely want to look into prerendering your background maps though, since there are so many tiles. That means you can't have any animated tiles on your background map, which isnt that big of a deal just no flowing water or whatever.

here is a pic of some 2D rpg style maps in the impactjs map editor:

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<img src=

1 decade ago by Joncom

@philwinkel: Very nice looking game!

1 decade ago by drhayes

@philwinkel: When are you releasing that game so I can shovel money at you? Looks fantastic!
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