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1 decade ago by dizzyniho

Hey guys im new in ImpactJS and i'm not sure if i should first learn JS or i can star without knowlege?
Hey Leute ich bin neu in dem ganzen entwickeln usw... ich kann zwar html und css aber nicht JS. Soll ich es zuerst lernen oder kann ich ohne Wissen schon starten?

1 decade ago by AzZzOne

Hi, dizzyniho!

I think that you should learn some basics of JS. Though there is no need to know very well JS, impactjs it's very flexible game engine and so requires some skills in JS. I would say that the more difficult game you try to create the more knowledge in JS you need. Anyway i believe that learning some basics of JS is necessary.

1 decade ago by tobika

Hi there, like AzZzOne said, I guess it would be good to have some basics.

There is a free webbook where you can even write code directly inside the webpage to test it, they cover all the basics:

And some fun way to learn js while playing where u control your warrior through js coding:

Have fun.

1 decade ago by dizzyniho

Thank you guys

1 decade ago by Ash_Blue

Check out Its free and I use it for mentoring people in JS, Rails, Python, ect. Plus it has awesome achievements :D
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