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1 decade ago by lazer

I noticed that about 40-50% of the time when I launch my game, the preloader gets stuck after the halfway point and either finishes 2-3 minutes later or doesn't finish at all (you then have to clear the cache and/or refresh several times over and over to get it to load properly).

I have a music track that's somewhere between 3-5MB in size (and have an .ogg and .mp3 version of this track). I suspect this may be the file/s not being loaded, but I can never see those files in my Chrome Dev Tools Resources tab even when the game loads correctly, so I'm not sure of the best way to test this...

You can see the most recent code for the game here (minus engine and media files):

Has anyone encountered this before? It's a pretty serious issue for me as it means 40-50% of players won't be able to load the game and will likely not stick around for long enough to refresh/clear cache/etc to play.

1 decade ago by mLautz

I have seen this occurring intermittently on a few other games. Usually if I let it sit long enough it would always load, but that does not exactly solve your problem...

It seems to be due to slow resource loading (not sure why it occurs though). Have you tried shrinking some of the music files just to see if that helps reduce the problem?
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