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9 years ago by AndreasElia


I am using the TwoPointFive plugin for Impact and wanted to know if I could animate a single wall tile relative to an entity?

For example...
/><br />
<br />
I only wish to update the wall tile closest to the green entity and begin animating the wall or changing it's tile to the second tile in the tilesheet.<br />
<br />
Thanks in advance,<br />
Andreas			</div>
			<div class=

9 years ago by fox1t

I just started to play with 2.5 plugin and with impactjs in general. For the moment i am coding a random map generator that supports all the twopointfive features. This is really good question, and as far i as know, the wall tiles are just common tiles that are rendered on 4 of the wall sides(north, south, east, west). So i think that you can replace the tile with whatever you want you want on anytime. I'll search deeply btw...

8 years ago by EnMod

Has there been any progress with this? Using the following code updates a collision tile for me, but doesn't change the wall/floor. This is in a ChangeWall Entity triggered by a trigger entity:

triggeredBy: function(entity, trigger)
        var map = new ig.BackgroundMap(16 , 'walls' ).data, 'media/structureBrown.png');
        var colmap = new ig.CollisionMap(16 , 'collision' ).data);
        var flomap = new ig.BackgroundMap(16 , 'floor' ).data, 'media/structureBrown.png');[22][24] = 0;        
        colmap.setTile(400,352,0);[22][24] = 0;
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