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1 decade ago by akonsu


when I set vel.x = vel.y = 1 on an entity, the entity's motion gets jittery. why? how to fix that? (my FPS is 60)


1 decade ago by Graphikos

Moving something that slow I'm not sure what you expect. Perhaps you are hoping for subpixel rendering?

1 decade ago by gxxaxx

This doesn't solve your problem, but...... in my experience the jitter is much more noticeable in my slow and exact (non-feathered) entities.

When I use a graphic (png) that has a little alpha gradient around the creature the jitter is not as noticeable. It's still there, but the eye is more forgiving of it.

This feathering thing does make the size of my png files go up. But I like the effect.
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