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1 decade ago by TexNeil

I've downloaded ImpactJS and can follow the Pong demo and am trying to evaluate if I can use this engine for the game I want to do. We are looking to do something very similar to Jordan vs Bird basketball (see screen shot). I'm coming to the conclusion that I would need a 3D engine for that, but wanted to confirm before I move on.

Thanks in advance

1 decade ago by lTyl

I don't see why you would need a 3D rendering engine for that, you'd just have to give the illusion of depth (Mode 7-style rendering?). If you do want to go the 3D route though, here is a THREE.js + ImpactJS demo:

1 decade ago by Graphikos

You are way over complicating this if you think this needs a 3D engine. The original game was on the NES. You can basically say that any game created on the NES could be recreated in Impact without too much trouble.

1 decade ago by giodif

You definitely don't need a 3D engine. Impact is tailor made for games like this.
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