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9 years ago by Montana

I seem to have developed an overdraw where the loader bar and then some of my game graphics are drawn and updated outside of the main game area/canvas?

Any ideas what ive done or how to fix it?

Awesome update btw .. now i have to rework all my collisions ive been doing, but really glad they've been doen in the core engine instead of by my hacks :-D

9 years ago by Montana

Ok i can stop the redraw by making sure my player never get closer than 32 game units to zero on the x axis.. but the loader bar image still sticks out of the right hand side.

IS this normal?

9 years ago by Montana

my bad that doesnt help .. just moves it to the left :(

9 years ago by Arantor

I don't think there's much that can be done by guessing... without some code I don't see how we can help :(

9 years ago by Montana

DOH :-(

Background image and canvas size.

gets coat
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