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10 years ago by DaveVoyles

Something I noticed recently:

In my 2d side scrolling shooter, when my ship's bullets hit an enemy, the particles are being spawned in the top-left corner of each object. Why is that happening?

I have not adjusted the pivot, so as far as I know, they should be spawning from the center of the object, right?

10 years ago by Joncom

The origin is always the top-left. It's not like Flash or Box2D where the origin is the center. If you want to spawn something at the very center of something else:

// Spawn a particle centered over the player.
var x = player.pos.x + player.size.x/2 - EntityParticle.prototype.size.x/2;
var y = player.pos.y + player.size.y/2 - EntityParticle.prototype.size.y/2;, x, y);

10 years ago by DaveVoyles

Much appreciated, that explains it.

It's probably always been that way, and for some reason I'm just noticing it now.

Thank you!
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