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1 decade ago by MikeH

Hi guys,

I've been measuring performance of my game, working out where the bottlenecks lie using firebug, and testing on my iPhone. Firebug reports that the majority of my time is drawing pre-rendered backgrounds to canvas, which is what I expected and as I thought it should be :)

In firefox on the desktop, I get a nice framerate, typically whatever i set my game fps to (up to about 200ish). In safari on the iPhone (running exactly the same code served by my desktop machine) I get a slightly lower, 7-8fps. I expected that.

I haven't got my apple dev membership yet, so I'm unable to run the iOSImpact on real hardware, so my question is :

Those of you who have run iOSImpact on real hardware, what difference in FPS did you see between running it through mobile safari and iOSImpact? How does it run on a system with a retina display?

I'm just reassuring myself that paying for the apple dev membership is the right thing to do so I can get CocoLoco in the app store and people will be able to run it with a decent framerate :)

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

Lol. My game runs at the same speed on iOSImpact as it does on desktop Safari... about 60fps :)

Also check out AppMobi. They're releasing "DirectCanvas" in July that shows improvements along the same lines (about 60fps) for both iOS and Android.

1 decade ago by MikeH

Wow! 60fps on the desktop and 60fps on mobile? Impact is even more awesome than I thought!

I've checked out AppMobi, and I'd be using it more if they integrated with offline SDKs like Titanium does. Having to rely on their cloud to build my app gives me a strange uncomfortable feeling. (Although there might be an option to do everything offline and I just haven't seen it!)
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