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1 decade ago by Emma

Hi I'm new to nodejs,

I want to know if anyone knows how to populate a dropdownlist with a file using nodejs, I can access the file and assign it to a variable but I can't find anything on the net about using a file in nodejs to populate a dropdown list.

Any links and advice would be great :).

Emma S

1 decade ago by BlackDolphinMedia

thats not nodejs ;) its impactjs

anyway .. json is your friend .. construct a json string send it to the client and populate a dropdown there

1 decade ago by Hareesun

Emma, sounds like you’re on the wrong forum completely. This is IMPACT.

But yeah, as BlackDolphinMedia has said, JSON should do this to a degree.

You just need to parse a .json file and have a new <option> for each node within that file. (Nothing to do with node.js) this might help

1 decade ago by fugufish

wrong forum it seems, plus what Emma's asking is actually CSS + jQuery
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