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1 decade ago by TommyBs


Are there any plugins that deal with spawning enemies/entities at random locations on a map? I know how I could spawn an enemy, but what I would like to do is spawn them at random locations on a level (bearing in mind not every tile would be able to spawn all enemies). Is there anything like this out there? If not does any one have any pointers on how you think this could be achieved. Just think it could help replay ability if enemies appear at random locations. It might also be worth setting some kind of 'buffer' e.g so an enemy can't suddenly appear next to the player

I guess an example would be, an enemy could spawn at a random floor tile (but not outside collision tiles if the map doesn't take up all the screen), and if there is a 'water' tile that should only spawn 'water' entities.


1 decade ago by tunglxx226

Well I think you have to do this by hand.
1st, spawn an enemy randomly, and check for collision. If collision occurs then re-spawn.
2nd, you can also pre-define the are where the "water" locates, so the "water monster" will only appears there.
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