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1 decade ago by Bradley

Are there any recommendations or limitations for file size or file dimensions that should be observed? Obviously, the smaller the better, but I remember reading something kinda specific about this in the forums, and I don't know how to find it again. It was something about sheets over a certain specific size, like 2 megabytes or 2 megapixels, would hog resources disproportionately compared to smaller sheets.

Also, is there any advantage in different proportions? For example, if I made a sheet with many frames on one row, or one column, would either help or hinder performance?

1 decade ago by Bradley

...Or please just tell me if you think I'm nuts. I could be way off in what I interpreted months and months ago.

1 decade ago by dominic

Since browsers move to have hardware acceleration for the 2d canvas, your sprite sheet should fit into a single texture on the GPU. According to all devices (that have WebGL support) have a Max Texture Size of at least 2048px. Though older iOS devices only support 1024px.

So I'd say you're good with up to 2048x2048 if you can ignore old-ish iOS devices, 1024x1024 otherwise.

1 decade ago by Bradley

So, since I'm targeting iPad 1, I would want to keep it under 1024px on both the x and y axis, or just keep it under 1,048,576 (1024x1024) total pixels?
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