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1 decade ago by programlocura


I'm having a problem with the sound and i'm not able to see it yet, i don't know if it is something that i'm doing wrong or what.

I'm creating the sound with:
sfxSaveMen : new ig.Sound( "media/sounds/sfx.*" ),

And using it calling the "play" method:;

So, when i execute the game, the sound reproduces once, but the second time i have an error in my console (console.log) saying that the sound can't be found.

Someone has experimented something like this?

1 decade ago by Joncom

Is this error specific to Chrome?

1 decade ago by programlocura

Hi Joncom!

Yes, in Firefox the sounds are played everytime. I was reading some posts from this forum about a Chrome problem with sounds, but all the suggested solutions weren't useful. Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

1 decade ago by eka


1 decade ago by SlotGamer

I pre-load them as you do but I play them using the .mp3 extension instead of how you use the wildcard * symbol. I think one of the threads mentioned that could cause an issue? Maybe try specifying the extension directly.
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