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1 decade ago by CACUser

I have searched the forums and found a couple of posts about how to swoop on a player. But I am not able to get it to work.

Any idea how I can do the following?:
1. Create an entity that swoops at the player at regular intervals and stops about 100 pixels above the player.
2. This entity is normally "prowling " in the sky at a certain speed.
3. Every 5 seconds, this entity should look for player, determine trajectory and speed to get to the player within 2 seconds and drop something on the player. After that use the same speed to rise to default prowling "Y" position and continue at prowl speed. I can now reset the timer and the whole swooping action happens again in 5 seconds.

So far I have:
1. I have a timer that fires every 5 seconds.
2. I am able to speed up the player, but am unable to set the speed and trajectory to achieve the swooping effect.

Any help is appreciated!


1 decade ago by Joncom

Can you provide a video example of similar behavior in another game?
Can you provide a screenshot/drawing of the effect you're going for?

1 decade ago by lazer

Omfg, I had to do this exact same thing for my first Impact game. I ended up getting it working (it was an eagle that swooped down at random intervals and dropped nuts onto the player). It was not perfect, but functional enough for my first game. Here is the question I posted about this on the forums earlier (under my old username), which got some very useful replies:
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