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8 years ago by qfard

Hello forum,

I am VERY new to app world - I have developed a data collection program using HTML/JS/JSON/JQuery/CSS which I'd like to port to an iPad.

I found Ejecta/Impact and for last few days been wrestling with it. I'd gladly pay someone for their time to push me along with doing some online tutorial and help me through this.

If it is possible, please let me know. I don't want to post my code up and do it that way.

Thanks for reading and if you are the person to help, please contact me asap.

Skype: Q.Fard

8 years ago by lunarcloud

Neither Ejecta nor ImpactJS ( nor any game engine for that matter) are what you're looking for.
You're looking for tools that package webapps as "native" apps.

Here's a common one:

8 years ago by Joncom would be a good choice too. It uses Cordova under the hood, but streamlines a lot to make development easier.
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