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9 years ago by atheistgod1999

I'm doing the tutorial in a book, and I had to copy files into the media folder for the game. I need to select a file for the tileset, but all it shows is the 04b03.font.png file. I even made another file, as well as moving the 04b03.font.png file out of the media folder, but it doesn't change anything. The file's on my PC. Help!!!

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Did you empty your cache and refresh the browser?

9 years ago by substandardgaussian

It's hard to diagnose with so little concrete information, but the first thing I would do is ctrl+F5 when you reload weltmeister. I'm kind of skeptical that this is the problem in this case, but browsers like to load from cache, so this will force it to load the most recent.

Other than that, make sure you're actually in the right folder and are using the right instance of weltmeister with the right path. I know that sounds silly and is probably the firs thing you checked, but I'm having trouble seeing another problem.

You should also make sure you have a Javascript debugger in your browser. I think Firefox automatically comes with Firebug and is available as an extension otherwise. The default command to bring it up is "F12", it will let you know if weltmeister is having problems.

9 years ago by atheistgod1999

The only file Weltmeister shows when I look inside the media file when I'm selecting a tileset is 04b03.font.png

9 years ago by Joncom

What is the local path to your game project?
Example: C:\wamp\www\your-game

What is the URL you're browsing to to access it?
Example: http://localhost/your-game

What HTTP server are you using to serve your game?

9 years ago by drhayes

Building on what was said before... if you're serving out of the right folder you should be able to manually type that path into your browser and get the files out of media.

e.g. http://localhost/your-game/media/file.png


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