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9 years ago by ikno


I'm new to Impact and was wondering how to go about this?
I have this idea where a room can change by interacting with it.
I could create a room as an entity with a tileset, but then my media/room.png would be pretty large.
Or i could create a backgroundmap and update the tiles from that room on the fly?

9 years ago by y0ungb0b

What style of game are you wanting to make?

9 years ago by Cavalier

That'll depend, really.
If the type of room you're thinking about is a unique one where the use of tiles or a single large image wouldn't be too different (something akin to point and click games, with each room being unique), it's probably better to go with a really large image. If the changes are small, it's probably better to draw a ig.Image over it instead.
If you're thinking on a room of a RPG or platformer, where you use tiles normally, it is a good idea to have in the tileset file frames that'll correspond to the change, or a different file that corresponds to the same tileset with the changes.
Check the source of dominic's drop game, , so you can get a better idea of how to change a map on the fly.

9 years ago by Joncom

Why not just modify individual map tiles on the fly, as needed? Map tiles can be animated too. It should be quite simple so long as you don't need to slide/move map tiles (and if you do, just use an entity instead).

9 years ago by ikno

Well i'm trying to make something like xcom base layout
So first a room is empty and there should be a building type selected. Then when a type is selected it should change to that type of room.

So the question is, is the room type an entity with the different rooms as tiles. So i set an entity to a certain animationFrame for the different rooms.
Or do i just have a big background map, and change the tiles on the fly.
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