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9 years ago by Cavalier

I'm trying to bake a demo right now, trying to bake it using QuickPHP instead of a full php server like xamp. However, whenever I run the bake.bat, i get an error message from Quickphp saying Error parsing parameter - tools/bake.php
I'd like to know whether it's possible to bake using quickphp and, if so, help will be much appreciated.

This is my bake.bat
@echo off

:: Path to impact.js and your game's main .js
SET IMPACT_LIBRARY=C:/ImpactJS/GenericV5/lib/impact/impact.js
SET GAME=C:/ImpactJS/GenericV5/lib/game/main.js

:: Output file
SET OUTPUT_FILE=C:/ImpactJS/GenericV5/game.min.js

:: Change CWD to Impact's base dir
cd ../

:: Bake!
::php tools/bake.php %IMPACT_LIBRARY% %GAME% %OUTPUT_FILE%

:: If you dont have the php.exe in your PATH uncomment the
:: following line and point it to your php.exe

::c:/php/php.exe tools/bake.php %IMPACT_LIBRARY% %GAME% %OUTPUT_FILE%
C:/ImpactJS/quickphp/php.exe tools/bake.php %IMPACT_LIBRARY% %GAME% %OUTPUT_FILE%


9 years ago by Joncom

Seems like the version of php.exe included with QuickPHP does not expect the first argument to be a script path. Or maybe it's not sure how to handle that slash...

9 years ago by dominic

Not sure which version of QuickPHP you have, but both ZIP files on this site ( and don't actually come with a php.exe.

You don't have to install XAMPP or a Webserver to get the official PHP version though. Just unzip the Windows binaries somewhere and point your bake.bat to the included php.exe.

9 years ago by Cavalier

Yeah, turns out quickphp doesn't handle those types of scripts.
Anyway, I did what you said Dominic, and it worked just fine. Thanks a lot for the help! :D
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