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1 decade ago by PatrickBell

Hey guys,

I'm new to impact.js to the point where I'm about to to try convince my college to pay for license! (fingers crossed on that one..).

One of my projects involves creating a web app using the latest tech i.e. Canvas, or webgl etc... I have decided to go with building a game using Canvas, Node.js and Websockets ( and to make it multi-player using said tech.

I understand that there are a number of plugins that will allow node/ to work with impact but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of documentation regarding the process.

Can anyone recommend a tutorial to help me out?


1 decade ago by Graphikos

1 decade ago by PatrickBell

Thanks Graphikos!

I actually managed to convince my college to pay for a license, so off to build a web game...

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

I can vouch that that is a good tutorial series that Halls is actively working on. It does not use any of the node/ plugins, but maybe after getting a handle on working without them, you could then change to use them and save some time on future development.

And congratz on getting the college to get the license! I wish I could talk my college into buying me game dev engine licenses O_o

1 decade ago by cha55son

I just released a library to make multiplayer games with impactjs easy. Check it out below:

GitHub impact-crater
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