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1 decade ago by gosub

Seeing this error when loading weltmeister.html (and prevents the editor from working at all):

"Unresolved (circular?) dependencies: weltmeister.weltmeister, weltmeister.edit-entities"

This happens in Chrome 10 and Safari 5.

Any suggestions?

1 decade ago by dominic

gosub helped me fix it in IRC.

The problem was some dead code in one of the PHP files in conjunction with PHP NOTICE enabled.

If you have this problem, just delete line 12 from your lib/weltmeister/api/glob.php file:

$parent = substr($_GET['dir'], 0, strrpos($_GET['dir'], '/')); <- delete this line!

Or just re-download the from your download page.

1 decade ago by superprat

i'm still getting the error, the line doesn't exist

1 decade ago by superprat

nvm fixed it, the entities were not properly defined
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