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1 decade ago by noar

I want to use entity to make some UI element, such as button.

Can entity receive touch event?

1 decade ago by Arantor

Not directly (seeing how the entire canvas is one DOM element) however what you can do is create the button on the screen, then call ig.Input.bindTouch to register the area as a touchable one, then when the relevant input is pressed (and you go back to whatever else was going on), you unbind it there and then to prevent it being relevant any other time.

1 decade ago by Philip

You could use my plugin:

Works with touch events, too.

1 decade ago by noar

Thanks, the button plugin is works perfect. But there is a little problem. When I display a animation image on the button, I patched the update function of button plugin.

update: function() {
if (hideden)
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