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1 decade ago by nholbert

It seems that check( other ) runs even on _killed entities.... is this intentional?

My situation is this... I've basically got a grid of entities that can be moved around by mouse clicks. Somewhat frequently I clear out all the entities (by kill()), and then repopulate it with new entities. When moving the live entities around, I want to check to see when two entities (living ones) overlap. Unfortunately, check() runs against both the live entities as well as those "_killed" entities that I had cleared previously.

I can make it work by putting the code that results from the check inside of: if (!other._killed)... but it seems a little odd that I need to do this...


1 decade ago by Graphikos

When killed it sets the checkAgainst to none. It might still be checking it but it shouldn't register against something else.

ent.checkAgainst = ig.Entity.TYPE.NONE;
ent.collides = ig.Entity.COLLIDES.NEVER;

1 decade ago by dominic

This is a bug. Killed entities should not get checked. I will fix this for the next version.

Thanks for reporting!
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