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9 years ago by biophage

Maybe I am not looking hard enough, but I am wondering if you get anything besides Impact.js and weltmeister, for instance; any source code or digital book on how to use impact...

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

No, the source code is not available. However, all the entities are available in the Biolab Entity Pack

9 years ago by Joncom

It's too bad too, because Biolab Disaster would perhaps be the best example of how to use Impact.

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

The game source code that really helped me figure out how to use Impact was Dino Needs Love, a contribution to The Global Game Jam all the way back in January 2011. Because it's a game jam, the source code is available. It is set up sort of like Biolab, showing how to use triggers for earthquake, level change, messages etc.

9 years ago by Krisjet

If Biolab Disaster is packed the same way as any other impact project (which I'm 99% sure it is) nothing is stopping you from clicking "view source", putting the contents of the game.min.js file into and looking at the source this way.
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