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9 years ago by Jerczu

Anybody knows whether ejecta works well with iOS7? I'm getting a lot of deprecated warnings when playing around with it and I am wondering if anyone got their game in AppStore recently using Ejecta?

9 years ago by Joncom

My iPod is running iOS7.
It's been pretty easy to get Ejecta apps running on it.
Haven't gotten as far as the AppStore yet though.

9 years ago by stillen

Are you using the link from the forum or the github? The github one doesn't having any warnings. My last ejecta app was just approved on Friday.

9 years ago by Jerczu

Hmmm no I am not. I used the one that comes as a zip and I got a lot of warnings when I tried to complile but that's good to know I'll try again with the one from github.
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