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1 decade ago by axphin

I was thinking back to Phantasy Star 2 for the Genesis (one of my favs) with the foreground layers in some of the dungeons. I thought I'd try making a foreground layer and it seems to work. Later I noticed this is a new feature of 1.17.

I just changed the depth to something less than 1. I've tried 0.5 and 0.75 and both seem to work.

Is there a limit other than maybe performance to how many foreground and background layers there can be?

1 decade ago by dominic

No, there's no hard limit for the number of layers you can have.

To make things a bit clearer: the layer order is independent of their depth setting. The depth only controls how fast a layer scrolls relative to the screen movement (i.e. foreground layers typically move faster, background layers move slower). The order in which the layers get drawn is independent of that.

The drawing order of the layers is controlled by... their order :) You can re-order layers in Weltmeister with drag+drop in the layer selection. The only addition in 1.17 was that the entity layer also honors this order instead of always being drawn on top.
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