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1 decade ago by hcapp


I use local git to version control my game. Sometimes I modify the impactjs engine code also.

What is best way to merge my changes with dominic's remote repository?

FYI, I do not use patch files because I am lazy to rewrite a whole function for just 1 line change.


1 decade ago by stillen

I'm pretty sure that dominic repository is oneway. There would be tons of merge conflicts if he made an update and you have your own modifications as well. It'd be best to just clone it down and make your own private repo that you can do what you want with, then if he makes a new update, merge them in by hand.

1 decade ago by hcapp

Thanks. However my most interested part is how to merge my private repo with a remote repo of dominic?

1 decade ago by Jerczu

I'm pretty sure you can't - but if you changed something in the repo you may want to set up pull request if it's something that impactjs don't do already. If Dominic finds it useful your change may get included in the next release. From the other hand ImpactJS is not open source so I would be surprised if he accepted pull requests.

1 decade ago by hcapp

Sorry I might have expressed myself in a wrong way.
I only want to pull changes from dominic's repro and merge with my local private repro.
I do not want to push changes to dominic's repro.
Is that possible?

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Maybe that link can help you :

1 decade ago by hcapp

OK I have figured it out. Share it here in case I am not the only newcomer to git.

1. add dominic's repository as a remote
2. create a new branch named something like dominic
3. pull dominic's repository periodically to the branch dominic
3. Diff those pulled changes to decide if you want to merge them to your main branch
4. ig merge <revision number>
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