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1 decade ago by oeffnerd

As I have been working with impactjs over the past couple of months I have run into a couple things that I wanted to open a discussion on.

I have been working on an app that I have tested on all main browsers for iOS, Android and PC (all are targeted for 60 FPS, also tried changing mobile to a more realistic 30 but didn't notice a significant change).

PC runs at 60 across the board.

Chrome: 40-50 FPS (prob due to not completely optimized code etc, not really causing an issue)
Safari: 40-60 FPS

Default: ~30 ( which is around what I want to aim for on mobile)
Firefox: 10-20 which is lower than I want but not the one I am really concerned about
Chrome: < 10... no matter what I do I can seem to ever get chrome to run on more than 10-15 FPS

Even with the Jump and Run demo I am seeing similar drops on android browsers. I have looked into preloading and it does help in reducing FPS jumps, but the avg FPS stays the roughly the same
Has anyone else noticed anything similar to this? Found solutions/reasons why?

1 decade ago by dominic

Regarding Android, from what I've seen, Chrome is much faster than the default "Browser". For example, for my game X-Type I get around 5-10fps in the "Browser" and about 40fps in Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Same with the Jump'n'Run.

I'm not sure why you see this huge framedrop in your game, but I suspect it's either a bug in Chrome or Chrome is somehow not able to use the device's hardware acceleration for drawing.

What device are you using? Maybe it's a known issue with the hardware?

Btw.: Chrome for iOS is likely a bit slower than Mobile Safari. Chrome uses Safari's WebView for rendering but can't use the JavaScript JIT. Most games however are bound by drawing performance, not by computation, so it shouldn't matter much.

1 decade ago by oeffnerd

I was using the Samsung Galaxy S3, I have tried multiple s3's and always notice the same results. When I run it on an S4 though I notice results like yours where its faster in chrome and slower in the "browser".

1 decade ago by WalaWala

The dropping is indeed strange - normally chrome is a bit faster than the WebView.
Did you have a look at the chrome://flags/ page? You can e.g. disable and enable the HW accellerated canvas there - maybe this is already disabled on your phone?

1 decade ago by m1neral

Strange, I'm getting 60 fps in Chrome, Firebox and Ejecta... but 10-15 in Safari. I'll have to investigate further.

1 decade ago by m1neral

Safari performance dropped to the floor once my sprite sheet hit 2048x4096. I'll have to do some more research... didn't think that would be a problem on the desktop (it's not on my ipad2 or iphone5 using Ejecta).
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