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1 decade ago by delly

I am making a simple RPG game, where lots of stats is displayed on the left side of the screen (using ig.Font),
and I just noticed that each letter on the font is using 1 drawcall.

font.draw( 'Some text',0, 0, ig.Font.ALIGN.RIGHT ); = 9 drawcalls

Is this gonna affect the performance by much ?

Should we limit the use of ig.Font especially on the game screen where lots of things happening ?
(maybe using it sparingly only in inventory screen etc..? )

any thought on this ?

1 decade ago by dominic

If you're developing for mobile platforms, yes, you probably should limit the amount of text you draw, or cache text strings that don't change in an offscreen canvas.

It isn't such a big issue for desktop browsers though. Case in point: Z-Type.
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