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1 decade ago by Austin

Here are some suggestions (I realize that there are plugins for this, however I am suggesting that they be integrated into the next version of impact)

1) Object Pooling - This could go hand in hand with a ParticleSystem. Also just general performance improvements with garbage collection. ImpactJS creates way too much garbage collection.

2) Retooled physics/collision - More performant/efficient physics engine. Polygon hitbox support perhaps? Does not need to be Box2D, but rather just improve the current one. Also CircletoCircle collision is pretty easy to implement.

3) UI/Menu System - this one is a must have. customizable, and clean API.

4) Layering System - the ability to group entities on layers and do stuff to those layers.

5) GameScene/State Engine - the ability to transition between different game scenes. Slide In/Fade Out/Rotate Away/etc. Basically like Game, but extended

6) Events - have events on all entities/states. :)

7) iOS GameCenter Support

8) Multiplayer Support

9) Weltmeister improvements - easily edit properities/level-specific variables.

1 decade ago by amadeus

Some of these I agree with, however I think 2 in particular would be a major challenge or just not possible.

iOS Game Center support? That is already inside of Ejecta, and outside of iOS, not sure there is much you can do there?

A retooled physics engine is something that would be very difficult to do, especially for 1 person. I think the existing Box2D stuff is good enough, and I doubt you'd get much better from something more custom?

1 decade ago by eka

I would like to see the UI/Menu System and the GameScene/State Engine, those are needed IMHO.

1 decade ago by FragOnly

+1 to Entity layers.

1 decade ago by amadeus

@FragOnly: Entity layers are possible with my layers plugin:
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