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1 decade ago by forcewill

Hello there,
Is there any trial version we can experiment on before adquire the engine ?

1 decade ago by Alex


1 decade ago by paularmstrong

No. This has been discussed at length here

1 decade ago by Hareesun

Jeeeeez, another. This just needs removing. Although there are a seemingly growing number of "I WANT A FREE VERSION" threads, I really don't think there should be.

Highfive for Dominic's hard work! :P

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

The selling point for me was the video that Dominic made for the Pong tutorial. Perhaps just bringing something like that out to the front page would make it an easier decision for people on the fence like this?

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Personally appMobi sold it to me with their furious fowl demo and tutorials plus awesome z-type and Biolab Disaster.

1 decade ago by Nennad

I was looking around for good Javascript Gaming engine and found few free/in development, like Jawz or gameQuery(both not bad), but they to not ensure stabilty, are in early alpha; I decided quickly to buy Impact after seeing how well is it put, with integrated editor, with web-environment in mind...
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