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1 decade ago by adshead

Hi all,

When trying to pause or stop a music track using or I kept getting an error to the effect that the Pause method didn't exist. Sure enough the ig.Sound class that I have in Sound.js didn't seem to have this method. Once I added it my problems were solved.

I'm sure I have the latest version of Impact so has anyone else had this problem? Is this a bug?


1 decade ago by BlackDolphinMedia

i use soundmanger2 for exact that reasion + vollume controll

1 decade ago by dominic

Calling should work; I just tried it in the console with Biolab Disaster. This method calls pause() on the Audio DOM Element directly, instead of going through the ig.Sound class.

Volume can be controlled with for music, .volume for ig.Sound instances and globally with ig.soundManager.volume.

Which browser did you test this with? How did you load the music track? How did you add it to What was the exact error message?

1 decade ago by adshead

OSX Lion running latest version of Chrome. I didn't realise it was calling pause on the Audio Dom element directly so thanks for pointing that out. In terms of how I was loading/adding music - I am doing it exactly as the docs recommend i.e loading my song as a sound and then using

The error came when calling from another entity file rather than my main.js file. I thought it may have something to do with scope but couldn't spot anything obvious. I can't recall the error message directly but I will try to reproduce when I am back at home.

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