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1 decade ago by y0ungb0b

Could be interesting.

1 decade ago by aarocka

Could you imagine having Impact + Wii U.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I would love to make games that used joysticks and game controllers like the Wii remote. This is really interesting.

1 decade ago by stillen

I've been trying to find some more information about their Web Framework with no real information on it, other then the announcement, and the only information about a WII U dev kit is that you have to contact Nintendo and it costs about 5k.

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

I wonder how you will be able to distribute your games. On the original Wii, you could build Flash games that used the WiiMote, but all you could do was put them up online. Then a Wii user had to actually find the page and load it through the Wii browser. This amounted to virtually no one playing any of the Flash Wii games. The major hope that this will be different hangs on the fact that this is actually being released by Nintendo. But if they don't have a distribution channel built in to the WiiU Internet services, it probably won't amount to much either.

1 decade ago by mimik

So anyone got some new info about this?

Thinking about it, I checked the API and it seems rather straightforward.
Webkit-based so thats good.
And presumably fast canvas.

DevCost is a little off putting right with the low sells and all.
Can anyone confirm that impact.js Works with the Nintendo Web Framework?

1 decade ago by ngagne

Yes, Impact does work with the Nintendo Web Framework. It is mentioned here:

1 decade ago by mimik

Can confirm that it works fine on nintendo webframework. Ofc you need to bind the gamepad and manually build support for two screens an sound context but it works fine at 60fps
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