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10 years ago by DaveVoyles

So I've been looking into object pooling and the benefits for this engine as of late.

I've also been keeping a detailed work log along the way. Overall , I've found it to be limited with JavaScript, as the garbage collector seems to do a wonderful job without it.

Anyway, I figured I'd share a link to my findings so that other developers looking to integrate object pooling (for something like bullets or particles) can find some code for their project as well.

10 years ago by vincentpiel

If i might i wrote a few things -including code- about pooling, you might be interested in :

(in fact i gave the idea to the person that gave the idea to the person you are quoting :-) )

For pooling i would say : it is interesting for short-lived, high-rate spawn entities on Chrome, and of great value in such a context on all other browsers.

10 years ago by DaveVoyles


It took me a bit to get through your posts, as they are very detailed.
But after reading through them, wow, very informative! I wish I had access to these sooner! Excellent read, and outstanding tutorials.

I linked to them on the bottom of the post on my page, as the are extremely useful. I plan on integrating that into my next Impact project!
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