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1 decade ago by litenjacob


I'm thinking of making a split screen game where 2-4 players can play simultaneously in a 2d platform game where a part of the screen follows each player. Has anyone else done anything like this before?

I'm just happy to get any pointers on where to start and what to use!


10 years ago by Neeko

Going to resurrect this one!

I'm curious if split-screen cameras is possible as well. I don't see anything in the documentation that would allow you to change a screen's viewport size.

10 years ago by Joncom

It sure sounds possible. Basically you'd have to tweak the draw function of any relevant classes (ig.BackgroundMap comes to mind for sure), and instead of using 0 to ig.system.width/height as your defined "valid" draw areas, you'd use instead your custom definition. You'd also have two instances of, one for each camera/view.


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